Inner Child coaching

Everyone has an inner child but most of us have forgotten how to connect with theirs. Your inner child is the little version of you that still lives within you and wants to be seen, heard and loved by you.

'Most of the problems we face as adults stem from our childhood.'

I believe that when we are born, we are a pure bundle of love. But as we grow up, our childhood experiences shape us. Our upbringing and environment are the reasons for how we view ourselves and the world when we become adults.


Benefits inner child work:

  • Becoming more spontaneous and playful. Seeing your world more through the eyes of a child and not taking life too seriously anymore.
  • Healing the wounds of your past, including forgiving yourself, and family members and overcoming any kind of addiction.
  • A boost for self-love, self-acceptance and confidence by feeling more grounded and connected to yourself.


Inner child work is one of the most valuable things I could have done for myself.


I’m available to work together around this theme. To help you to reconnect with your inner child, heal wounds of the past, change patterns and love yourself on a deeper level.

Do you have questions or want to book a session? Feel free to get in touch with me!