About me

My enthusiasm for personal development and spirituality started in my early twenties. But the big “a-ha” moment about how powerful our breath is surprised me when I went to a retreat in Ibiza in 2020. My priority in life was to grow as a person, so I treated myself to a retreat every year. Every time, it brought me so much that I can definitely say that those retreats changed my life. I released stuck emotions, shed layers of (generational) traumas and connected with my true self. During those retreats, I discovered who I am, and what I truly want in life. It made me stronger, more confident and in general happy with who I am. Being around many people who were at those retreats for the same reasons made me feel understood, supported, and safe. We all had our own stories, and we were all looking for connections.

‘Almost everything we do is just an excuse for human connection.’

I’ve been travelling and living in different corners of the world for more than a decade and digging into the workings of the mind, human behaviours, traumas, and various approaches to somatic therapies, like movement and breathwork. Since 2023 I’m a certified trauma-informed breathwork teacher and I have guided more than 100 people through their journeys so far.

breathwork teacher

'Safety is not the absence of threat, it is the presence of connection.' - Gabor Mate

It’s been a dream coming true to travel the world, live abroad and have the freedom to work from wherever I want, but this is not something that came easy for me. The freedom I was desperately looking for, was the result of how I felt in my childhood⎯mostly unsafe, misunderstood and stuck. As a result, my body operated in survival mode for years. This led to years of major anxiety, burnout and depression in my early twenties. That was the moment I realised that something drastically needed to change. I knew that I had two options: to either become the victim or the creator of my life. I chose the last one.

Most of the time we hold onto the stories that we know so well because they give us a sense of (false) safety. By attaching yourself to your past experiences, it can easily feel like your past is part of your identity. What has happened in the past, is not who you are, nor does it have to be a prediction of your future.

For example, my story could be: When I was young, I felt hurt by others and I did not get the love and care I needed. That is a story I could repeatedly tell myself, but that story doesn’t give me power. It doesn’t make me feel like I have the power to create my own life. So the story I choose to tell now is: I was given a set of challenges in my childhood but because of that, I became the strong person I am today. My past didn’t happen to me, it was all happening for me. To learn and grow from, and share what I learned to help others too.

Empowerment comes from within. If you can give yourself whatever you need, imagine what you can do for the world!